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“Animals and Young Living Essential Oils- Introduction to Modality Basics”

A wellness session includes Animal Communication & the art of evaluating issue areas on your horse. A treatment session to induce overall health benefits followed by Raindrop Treatment
  • Identify discomfort areas via simple technique.
  • Identify Animal communication - answers to your questions directly from your horse.
  • Treatment you can do yourself using different modalities - Essential oils, pressure points, energy healing and red light/ cold laser therapy based on discoveries.
  • Wrap up the day with a quick Raindrop Treatment on a dog and a horse

“Toolkit for Equine Connection”

  • Clicker training- steps to success - refining conversation with the horse - 2 exercises in preparation for body work
  • Daily massage technique for wellness you can do yourself with your horse includes technique for clearing Lymph nodes (runny eyes and edemas)
  • Colic Relief Acupressure Points

Reiki Level 1 – Humans and Animals – Course and Attunement
Includes Level 1 Certificate

  • What is Reiki? and the history of Reiki (originated in India and the East before Buddha or Christ)
  • Energy – the animal to human connection
  • Level 1 attunement The symbols, energy centers and hand positions
  • Perform a Reiki session on yourself (and everyday for 21 days)
  • A Reiki session on a horse and a Reiki session on a dog.
  • The power symbol, energy centers and hand positions
  • Reiki is omniscient-infinite wisdom and knowledge.

Reiki Level 2 – Humans and Animals >– Course and Attunement
(Complete Reiki Level 1 with Nancy) Includes Level 2 Certificate

  • Level 2 attunement and more advanced techniques!
  • Additional symbols and powerful ways to incorporate them
  • Distance healing (we will perform a group distance healing)
  • Advanced Reiki on the energy centers
  • A full spectrum Reiki session on each student
  • A full spectrum Reiki session on a horse as well as a dog.
  • Essential Oil basics - More advanced techniques -
    adding to a wellness session for your dog and horse.


Reinvent the Spark: Remember when...

  • Your heart was full and totally connected to horses?
  • Your daughter or son spent all their time with horses but now they've moved on to adult life
  • and now?...

  • You feed, care for but worry the horse is not 'being used' and the horse is simply a pasture ornament?
  • You feel disconnected, can't communicate or don't know how to spend time together at this juncture in life?

Now is a good time to reinvent and rekindle your passion! There is so much more to horses than simply riding... Bring your horse here or I'll visit you.
We will evaluate your combined dynamics, explore the needs and desires for interaction and establish the ability to communicate with each other where you both are in your journey now. I'll share with you some 'connection bodywork' techniques that enhance emotional, physical, spiritual balance. I'll share tools to establish a deeper relationship between you both, to recognize the smallest of responses and tips to interpret their meaning. I'll guide the plan for moving forward with enriching activities for sharing time, connecting and ultimately discovering - within yourself - a deep and rich inner peace.
Call Nancy today for an appointment 406-756-2327


"Toolkit for Tension" Workshop

Much of the work I do with horses begins with recognizing and releasing tension. Mental, emotional, physical tension can cause all the above and more which results in . Even if we think our horse is relaxed and perfect, there are some things we can do to check their wellbeing and gain a deeper connection.
Recognizing the signs of disconnect to find and create engagement "What am I seeing or not seeing?" In this workshop we'll take a look at your equine partner (and you) to see the signs of contentment, stress, tension, apprehension, checked out - not connected, confidence and lack of confidence, trust and lack of trust. For the horse who constantly moves we'll study their level of patience as well as discomfort, impatience an determine if this is excessive movement simply due to an inability to release tension? The best thing you can do with your horse is to teach them to release tension!

See a short video here

Come join us for an amazing day with your horse!

Nancy has studied horsemanship and related modalities since 2001 and has an innate sense of understanding when connecting with horses. Nancy is certified as an equine massage practitioner, certified in acupressure and essential oils, performs energy work as a Reiki Master, and (at the time of the clinic) will have completed the Masterson Method training through the 5 day workshop. See Nancy's educational experience here


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