Why Reiki Healing?


Sally Thissell, 89    Fran Walker, 90    Mikaila, 16

My work with acupressure and Photonic red light work began in 2003 when I fractured the vertebrae in my lower back. The red light on acupoints and around the injury site helped with pain as well as faster healing. Because of the success of using these methods of red light and acupressure, I began to work with people, horses, dogs and cats. Using essential oils along with these modalities- especially when applied to acupoints enhanced the effectiveness of the treatment.

It wasn’t until I spent 50 hours learning Reiki from Reiki Master Coreen Kelly at Western Montana School of Equine Massage that I realized the true healing potential we all have. Reiki energy really pulled all these modalities together to ‘fill my toolbox’. Every modality builds on each other and Reiki tops the healing power by 80%.

Throughout this five day course we explored many ways of working with energy. The final day was spent evaluating a horse with physical and emotional issues. We made a list of everything we noticed about him. It helped tremendously that three weeks before I had completed a 70 hour course in equine massage and had worked with this same horse. We consulted our manuals on Traditional Chinese Medicine and pulled up the lists of related meridians and acupoints and went to work. Our treatment plan included Reiki, meridians and acupoints.

My understanding vastly increased and I found myself spending a lot more time evaluating and incorporating the different modalities- meridians and acupoints, essential oils, red light, horse temperament traits, integrated equine performance bodywork, and energy work with animals and people.

Horses and dogs are so pure and trusting that they respond in a deep, honest and complete way. The changes are immediate and visible.

Last summer I completed a Reiki Master course which brought me to the place where I felt ready to share this knowledge.  Now I feel confident to teach people skills and techniques that will enable anyone to perform healing on yourself, your friends and horses, dogs and cats. This work is preventative and immune system strengthening. It also builds strong and connected relationships.

The most significant part of this work is the ability to give Reiki distance healing sessions. If this sounds new to you – it isn’t new or unusual – it is simply redirecting energy. We all have the capacity within us for this work. Many of us work with energy without awareness yet the energy can be measured. The HeartMath Institute said in their webinar Heart-to-Heart Communication With Horses “our thoughts and emotions affect the heart’s magnetic field which energetically affects those in our environment”. In studies measuring heart rate between horses and humans, their energy research suggests that physiological information is being exchanged between species and indicated at a higher rate between energy healer and horse. You can read more about HeartMath’s research in webinars and articles on their website.

Reiki energy isn’t constrained by time or space. Distance healing simply works.

I practice energy healing and every night I send distant healing to horses. I widened my focus to include wild horses, those still out on the land, the ones in holding facilities and the spirits of those who have crossed over after being sent to slaughter. I send healing energy for the highest good for all using the open energy channel where the horses connect to us and we to them – heart to heart. We are a channel of healing through love and light. We allow Reiki healing wisdom to flow through us, to go wherever it is needed, in the order needed for the highest good for all.

The energy I’m talking about is and always has been everywhere in everything. Now it is scientifically proven to exist (even measured by HeartMath!). Reiki is being used in hospitals to heal (Pamela Miles, webMD). I sent Reiki healing energy to my mom after her Gall bladder surgery and she relaxed within a minute.

If you are intrigued and would like to join a class or have a private session call 406-756-2327. Keep your eye out for an online class that I am developing!


PS. Here’s the link to download the Heart-to-Heart Communication with Horses; with Ann Baldwin, Ph.D. and Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.: