Today, the message I’m sharing is gratitude

Today, the message I’m sharing is gratitude – extreme gratitude for all that is. I am truly thankful for being able to share my experiences through this blog as well as my Udemy course. And of course, I am thankful to collaborate with my amazing co-horses. May this USA Thanksgiving bring us all together – with everyone – across the planet. We are in this together for the Greater Good.

In these times of significant change and challenge, now more than ever, we need practices, tools, and gentle wisdom to help us find our way. Techniques to help us come back to the present moment, connect to our hearts, our souls, and our life purpose.

I feel privileged and more than anything else, I love assisting people through unique experiences that allow you to feel connected to your horses.

Two months after completing and uploading my Udemy course – May 2019 – I was rear-ended in a car accident. I thought I was fine, but I was not… It turns out that whiplash and ‘coup contrecoup’ concussion can really mess up ones brain, spine and nervous system! Pain levels have been severe and relentless… The good news is that I have approached this challenge as ‘practitioner and patient’, thus gaining incredible insight into better helping ourselves and our horses heal and be healthy. I have so much insight and experience to share!

The next course (out before the end of 2021) “Equine Partnered Trust” delves deep into mindfulness – approach, touch, gaining information in order to help horses who are leary of us, our energy, our presence. Recognizing horses that are deeply compliant, shut down, unable to stay present, unable to respond, unable to communicate their own responses of how they feel. For us – powerful tips for how to ‘be’, what to do and not do when we feel the situation is hopeless and helpless… how to master our feelings when we can’t reach the horse – how to not ‘make something happen’, but how to allow the horse to let go of their innate responses in order to be comfortable in the moment with us. We must help when they need dentals or hooves trimmed. Another upcoming course is advanced bodywork, as promised in Equine Partnered Bodywork. Glad I waited because the insight gained over these last 2 years is priceless…

I look forward to finally expanding my presence in Online Courses. Thank you for your support and patience during this time of healing and discovery.

Warm regards,
Nancy Horne

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