ONE OF MILLIONS – Defining Choice

Trust myself… Post #3 shared the call where I realized It was up to me to gain control of my life and create a viable plan. Thirteen months had passed since the injury, I felt worse, symptoms were varied, I had worked so hard, yet progress was illusive. The timing for this post, August 2020 – I had no idea what the next 3 ½ years would bring. I hadn’t hit rock bottom yet…

Form Follows Function – A term I use often. Whatever we do – If our function (brain/body) isn’t in working or running order, our form won’t be running or working in ultimate shape either.

My choice – to seriously find some current books, webinars, youtube university – things shared from experienced people! Wow, in three days of research I planned my path. The main book that resonated was BrainSave – Dr Titus Chiu. It led to a full program that changed my world. Turns out he was offering an online course – he was well known for teaching doctors. BrainSave, BrainTrain – exercises and evaluation, Brain Reset – for those of us not healing… Champions club – Monthly cutting edge information on everything brain tools to track and evaluate it all. Finally – a personal consult. This was the time in history when the world was dealing with COVID, research became abundant, with breakthroughs almost everywhere. This time in history was also after a world leader said loosing a limb was worse than a brain injury. Many experts decided to correct that ‘theory’. The movie Concussion came out – which showcased the NFL, and several football players – their concussions, CTE, and several soldiers who had been exposed to bomb blasts.
Tony Robins shared his book Life Force – How Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine transform the quality of your life. A book of answers.

Now, testing equipment is available in some areas that tests brain function while moving and performing tasks. Checking Blood flow, Oxygen level, nerves, and so much healing information. These are exciting times.

A few years after the Concussion movie, stories are circulating that Children at the age of 6, 7 on up played football, now the ages of 18 – 25 average, some are committing suicide and asking that their brains be tested for CTE. There is proof and too many are positive. Due to the young ages of these boys- the excuses used with adults don’t apply to the boys. Turns out the banging of heads even wearing helmets causes extensive soft tissue damage.