Open House! 5-30-2015

Energy, intent, Spa day for horses and humans. It is raining pretty hard and thundering as well.
The Drum is made by the Drum Brothers. The resonance is amazing and this drum will be a fun addition to campfires, etc.
From Brenda – who works out of my arena too and did a demonstration. “Feeling blessed to have had such a great turn out for the Open House for Horse Sense Healing and the Greater Good Ranch! We had around 30 people throughout the afternoon join us! Thank you to you all! Hearts were touched, horses were treated to some TLC & some fun was had! The food from the Kila Pub was amazing and the wine from Glacier Sun Winery was fabulous!”

Animal Communication Study Group 5-12-15

Study Group for Anna Twinney – Reach Out To Horses – Animal Communication – The Journey Within.

 View the links and listen to the audio files.

Welcome to the Anna Twinney Reach out to horses – Animal Communication study group.

I’ve been following Anna Twinneys work  for a year and a half. What attracted me to her focus and work was her attention to detail , experience, and ability to verbalize and process deep thoughts.  Annas insight goes beyond any work that I’ve studied.  the focus of her work especially resonates with where I’m at in my life today. Animals  have always been an important part of my life we’ve always communicated, Annas ideas and skills have taken my vision to the next level.

The first conference call that we had on May 6 and May 12 we discussed how to get started in the study group -the intent and the purpose. 

The purpose of this group is to study the information, take action on the exercises from animal communication the journey within. 

My intent with this online or in person study group is personal growth –  everyday issues like work or behavior problems, care, feeding, end-of-life, lost pets . Pretty tough issues to discuss. Explore the different tips and techniques and watch DVDs and practice the techniques with others 

The benefits of the study group are for support, To Share tips and techniques, breakthroughs, to support each other when we’re stuck, and get help in communicating with our own animals. apparently it’s really difficult to communicate with our own animals I’ve experienced that myself. It would be really helpful to have each other as mentors and coaches. 

I set up a call site and wall at free conference I’ve added some links and set up some auto audio recordings that I thought were pertinent to getting started.

I posted two examples of Anna’s audio DVDs can you listen to on the conference call wall

AT evolution – comes from Anna’s introduction to evolution of horsemanship it’s a 53 minutes – Her story that Anna shares with us is her way of measuring the evolution in her life and her life choices. She pauses after every major achievement with the question “And what if I’d stayed there- with that way of thinking or working” What she has achieved in personal growth today is far beyond each phase.  I was so inspired that I did this exercise of my life as well. It really helped to clarify my vision of moving forward from where I’m at. 

The example of I H H is taken from the webinar insights into holistic Horsemanship it was the first question and answer in section 2. It was a significant topic that she took on it was tough question enter Answer shows just how much she processes and thoroughly discusses different issues and many sides to those issues. That’s why I really like her work. 

Other resources – Anna has 6 DVD horsemanship series,
Download audio – insights into holistic horsemanship
Webinar – evolution in horsemanship
Webinar – animal communication reawaken your inner voice
9 CD set – animal communications The real deal
and so much more… See

I think the important place to start is the newly out ‘animal communication – the journey within’ – purchase on website-  two DVD set it’s well worth the $49 and there are a lot of exercises and clarifications that Anna presents that I have not heard on any of her other material . 

The next date for the group to meet will be on May 21 . We will watch the DVD  and we’ll get started on the exercises. We’ll also share some of the tools and modalities that a couple of us that have been working with for a while and have had some pretty great experiences with, that we use in order to get clearer answers since we don’t have the ability that Anna has at this point. or call 406-756-2327.

Plum Creek land – please read

Updated: Steve from PC came out the same day I posted this story. We walked the land and he agreed the problem is extensive.
I was not satisfied with the results of our conversation so I called the county weed department. I just got a call back saying that PC will log the land and Steve agreed they will spray the weeds this Fall. PC, The weed dept and I will follow up with landowners to be sure all is well.
Original post:
Plum Creek – Hwy 2 office in Kalispell MT – Steve
Steve Since you didn’t call back or come out as promised- here is the knapweed and spruce budworm that I wanted to show you.
Will Plum Creek please take care of your Weeds and Spruce Budworm? My neighbors and I simply can’t manage our land when it borders your unmanaged land… If nothing else – knapweed and Mullein are medicinal – please harvest them for sustainability and income.
The Spruce Budworm just spent 5 years going through this area with only one year reprieve. As you can see- they are back in full force and about to hatch and eat our forest.







Mullein and knapweed – medicinal or noxious weeds




Knapweed new growth and last years flower stem




Thanks for listening! – Steve email me!