Those eyes….

What was the departing message from Sasha?
“Life, give it all you’ve got!” I’m worth it, you are worth it. 

Auzzie and Sasha, Starry grazing in the background

It was love at first sight. Sasha is the only dog we looked at and met, Auzzie liked her right away. She was a bit shy… Her Shelter Bio said she was 10, I saw her as perfect and brought her home.

This will do!
Sasha attended the final Horse Sense Healing – Womens Circle in the Arena
Watching squirrels with Auzzie – totally in sync

I played a video of wolves singing – Sasha chimed in.

She took a 3500 mile trip with me to help my mother Pack up her life & move to Hawaii.
Walking on the road in winter

We did a lot of hiking out the back door…

Treating dog and cat with the BEMER…

The past 2 months felt like a recent descent – fatigue, heavier breathing and snoring, the part that was new was not wanting to eat – Sasha loved her food.

We spent quality time when we knew time was running out.
For the past month Auzzie never left Sasha’s side…

Auzzie wasn’t eating because he was so upset about Sasha… When I adopted Auzzie, he wasn’t bonded to people AT ALL! He simply doesn’t do well at all without another dog present. Adopting Sasha took a week to find her and Auzzie was a mess… Auzzie was found off the hwy with these dogs. No one knows where he came from.

Auzzie is the pup in the back. He was approx 11 weeks old. Not comfortable with people.

A friend sent a Shelter post about a dog and I called right away… at this point I knew Sasha’s time was limited, I knew Auzzie doesn’t do well without a mate. I was able to meet the pup right away. She arrived at my doorstep and bonded immediately and provided good energy for us all for 18 days and then Sasha passed…

Sasha wanted one last visit to her dog kennel.
Holding space in the dog kennel.
Napping together.

What turned out to be her last day – peaceful, beautiful, sharing gratitude for a life well lived. Heartbreaking to see Sasha go…

Weak in body – while mind and heart were still connected 100%. It was her choice to pass on her own terms if she had to go. I was with her 24/7 and made sure she had everything she needed. Auzzie snuggled with her the morning she passed, the look on her face was so loving towards him. I told her stories of our adventures and her eyes became bright and soft. I have lived with brilliant dogs that I also loved with all my heart, but Sasha was one of a kind and so meticulous, as well as all knowing. This final experience with her changed my life…