Animals and Young Living Essential Oils- Introduction to Modality Basics

Animals and Young Living Essential Oils
Introduction to Modality Basics

A wellness session includes Animal Communication & the art of evaluating issue areas on your horse.

A wellness treatment session to induce overall health benefits followed by Raindrop Treatment

  • Identify discomfort areas via simple technique.
  • Identify Animal communication – answers to your questions directly from your horse.
  • Treatment you can do yourself using different modalities – Essential oils, pressure points, energy healing and red light/ cold laser therapy based on discoveries.
  • Wrap up the day with a quick Raindrop Treatment on a dog and a horse

Dates Offered:
Saturday September 17th  9 am – 4 pm Cost: $25 (Potluck 12-1 pm) Tuesday November 1st  9 am – 4 pm Cost: $25 (Potluck 12-1 pm)