Thesis on Masterson Method sessions

This is a fabulous study on the results of Masterson Method bodywork.

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Horses’ Responses to Receiving Masterson Method™ Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork™ Treatments

Carla O. Beu – Western Kentucky University,


This research documents the changes of comfort levels in horses resulting from receiving Masterson Method™ Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork™ treatments.

The Masterson Method™ (MM) is a bodywork technique used to identify and release accumulated tension from the equine body. MM focuses on three main anatomical junctions: the poll-atlas junction, neck-shoulder-wither junction, and the sacroiliac junction. Research documentation includes pre and post treatment evaluations, the treatments, owner questionnaires, and cribbing observations. Also, all evaluation and treatment sessions were videotaped with the intent of further analysis for changes in range of motion, flexibility, and comfort level as applicable. Each horse received a minimum of two treatments one week apart with a follow-up, post-treatment evaluation a week later. Owners responded to a questionnaire before the first evaluation and after the final evaluation. Each horse was considered one case study. Available data found on Masterson Method effects are anecdotal. This research strives to give an objective report of efficacy through thorough documentation of the pretreatment evaluation, a record of MM techniques used during treatments, and posttreatment reports.

Keywords: Masterson Method, cribbing, bodywork, aggression, horses, lameness

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