Wild Horses

In this day of extreme polarity of supporting wild horses or removing them we are either on the side of finding a solution or a part of their demise. If there are successful and ethical ranchers out there who remain silent regarding the removal of wild horses – then they are right there with the ranchers and the BLM fighting for their demise.
I just watched PBS – “Earth a new wild” where Allen Savory of Savory institute -( http://www.savoryinstitute.com/abo…/our-team/allan-savory/) successfully studied the healing of the grasslands in South Africa. He succeeded by vastly increasing the numbers of animals in herds of wild animals (and cows too) to tightly as a pack graze areas swiftly and move through which is the perfect mix of churning the land, crushing in grass and compost, and grazing the grass lower for grouse and all beings. Birds and other animals numbers have increased along with healthy grasslands – Everything has benefited.
It seems with this successful study that horse numbers should be INCREASED along with the use of cow herds as long as they are kept moving. To remove the horses and dump cows in their place and not keep them moving is the exact opposite of this successful study which clearly benefits all. 
It fully seems that what horses do for the land only benefits the land. It seems that education for the ranchers and the BLM is desperately needed if what I heard is correct. Why are these ethical ranchers not working right along side to save the wild horses and ultimately the health of our land?